Audrey Guo
I’m tired. I want to go home

Acrylic on canvas board; 12x16”; 2024

There’s something dark here

Oil pastel on paper; 16.5x11.5”; 2024

What to do with all this love

Oil pastel on canvas board; 9x12”; 2024

Summer trees

Soft pastel on paper; 12x9”; 2023

What else is there to say

Oil, acrylic on canvas; 48x36” each; 2022


Acrylic on canvas; 16x20”; 2022

Goodnight, goodbye

Oil on canvas; 24x18”; 2022

2 translations

L: Pencil on paper, boxes drawn in Adobe Illustrator; 11x8.5”; 2022
R: Screen print (1 of 24); 17x13”; 2022

Wish you well

Acrylic on canvas with embroidery; 14x11”; 2020 (painting), 2022 (embroidery)

What bugs you

Charcoal on paper; 24x18”; 2022


Colored pencil on paper; 12x9” each; 2022


Colored pencil on paper; 17x14”; 2021